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I remembered the Cardinals are in Chicago today playing the dreaded Cubbies in a day game. So far the Cards are leading 5-0 and the Cubbies haven't registered an out yet. Next, we have a 1st inning pitching change from the northsiders. I would say Randy Wells (pitcher for the Cubbies) looks like he took the red eye from San Diego to get to Chicago for an afternoon game instead of the Cardinals.
Pitching line for Mr. Wells: 5 runs all earned...no walks...no outs...ERA 45.00.
Tough making a living like that!!!!!
BTW...the wind is blowing in today at 15-20 MPH. Linda, you better hope it stays that way all weekend, or it could get ugly!!!!
Whitey & Linda

Herb, i am watching the game and it is already UGLY!! wind or no wind. gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr, the cubs are driving me insane. Cinn. Reds  I am very, very close to coming over to your side. ( but the fat lady hasn't sung yet)   Linda

Come on over to the REDS !!  We would love to have you as a fan!!  

The fat lady hasn't sung yet though....

Mike B
Herby...I'm so sorry you have to work so hard all of the time.  I sure hope your family appreciates you!  Why don't you take a few days off...go to LA and do a little shopping and then go to Sin City for some fun.  You work hard...you deserve it!

Thanks Mike B. I'm glad someone appreciates me!!!!

My golf cart threw craps yesterday, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy a new one. It won't compare to what the wife spent in Vegas, but maybe with the money I have left over, I could get some new golf shoes!!! Both will last much longer, and I will more use out of my puchases than what she bought I'm sure.
Thanks Mike B. I'm glad someone appreciates me!!!!

You're one in a million Mike B

Final score Cards 7...Cubbies 1...any questions?

Gary Lee Kennedy
Dear Herby,

Thank you very much for that exciting baseball update.  As you undoubtedly know, it causes me great pain to have to point a mistake on your part.  However, nobody loves baseball more than me, so I simply cannot allow this error to go uncorrected.

The statistics that you listed for Mr. Wells cannot possibly be accurate.  If he didn't get anybody out, then his ERA for that game would be infinity.  If he pitched one complete inning and allowed five earned runs, then his ERA for that particular game would be 45.00.  As I'm sure you all know, the ERA is calculated by multiplying earned runs by 9, then dividing by innings pitched.

Note to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT:  In this case, ERA stands for Earned Run Average and has nothing to do with the Equal Rights Amendment (of which Dear Herby is a huge supporter).

Always happy to help out!
Thank you GLK for that clarification. I know it pains you to see "Dear Herby" wrong, but not near as much as it does me.

EIther way, it has to have a major effect on his ERA. I'll leave the rest of the stats to the pros.

BTW...The Padres looked really good this week. It didn't hurt that the Redbirds were in a hitting funk, and have been for a month. I think we have a chance to come out of our hitting slump, I'm not sure the Padres will ever hit. But their pitching and defense looked really good, and in that park that's all you really need. Go Cardinals!!!!!
Dear Herby,

I recommend that you skip watching those overpaid, steroid-juiced, crybabies stand around and look at each other tomorrow night.  Instead, you could be watching some real athletes in the NBA.  The other great #13, Steve Nash, will be appearing on TNT tomorrow night.  He plays basketball exactly like RHONDA VINCENT shops.  He hands out assists as fast as she hands out credit cards.  It'll be just as exciting as watching her shop, except that it will cost you much less. 
HEY....there's a baseball game on this afternoon.....I think I'll sit down and watch....now to pick a team to cheer for....LET'S GO CARDS!!!!   Herby would be so proud!!!


I knew there underlying things going here. Prez, how many times do I have to tell ya......DON'T ROOT FOR THE CARDINALS!!!

She black cat my Birds again!!!
Do they play on TV again tomorrow??????  Maybe I'll watch that game instead of the Pirates!!!!  
Whitey & Linda

Julia, yes we play today!! this afternoon, you watch and you cheer for the Cardinals, Herb needs all the help he can get.     Linda

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