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The ceremony will be held in our family church in Kirksville.

But we invite everyone to join us on the internet; as we web cast the wedding online!

Check back for the specific link to join in this special occasion on June 8, 2010 at 5:30pm CST!

A reception will be held at Sally Mountain Park in Queen City, Missouri during the bluegrass festival, on July 3rd at 10:30am!
Mike Garlock

That's great news thanks Rhonda!


How exciting!!...Thanks

Ann A
That's super Rhonda, thanks so much.  We will certainly be watching
(& I'll probably be the one crying).  
Don A

(& I'll probably be the one crying).  

 "Probably" ... No, you WILL be the one crying.  (I'll try to get some photo's)

Whitey & Linda

YEAH!! we all get to go to the wedding YEAH!! thanks Rhonda, and if we cry no one will know. (right Whitey)!!!   Linda


Can't wait to see the wedding... I know Sally will be a beautiful bride!


Best Thing I Have Heard, Except For The Next Best Thing And Hunter.

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