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Mike B
The weekend will be here before we know it!
Have a nice day!!!
jim G.
Good Morning Mike . And good Morning to all Ragers!
Mike G.
Good Morning Everyone,

    Windy and Cool here this Morning, but we are going to heat up this Weekend.  I asked Herb not to send us all his Missouri Heat!  Mike G.
Good Morning!

Y'all have a great day!

Hammer, I'm pretty sure that Herb sent the Missouri Hottie to California.

Whitey & Linda

Hi Mike and all ragers, I am hot!! but, not because of the weather,   "Just once I would love to go gambling and walk out with money!!! Even some i took would be nice,    hate those gambling places, i have got to stay away from them gggrrrrrrr.    Linda

Mike Garlock
Hi Linda,

    I can't give you any Pointers on Gambling, I have never liked it much.  Dear Herby is pretty good at it.  You may want to go on next Year's Cruise and watch him for a while.  The most Gambling I do is trying to make it to the next RV & R Show with just a half a Tank of Gas!  Mike G.

LOL  That's funny right there!!!!!

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