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Your Loving Wife
Oh Honey..thank you again for this incredible dress!!!! 
Hope you had as great a weekend as I have!

Love you....   


Everyone loved this new dress in New Enterprise, PA tonight!
Be sure to check out my bird. Isn't it beautiful?




I would say something about your bird...but I'll keep it to myself


 Reminds me of a song!
99 says she'll break my fingers if I continue to type.
I think I'll just keep quiet on this one!  A rare moment in time. 

Oh, btw, Dearest Herby did do a great job of picking out that dress. 
Yea, I'd like to say something about your bird as well!!!

You are now officially grounded from shopping for the next 6 months!!!! Go to your room you bad girl!!!

And to think you did something like this just before your birthday.  Just for that, I don't think brother Steve and I will call you tomorrow and sing Happy Birthday to you. Boy, you sure will miss out on that call. We've been rehearsing every since I got back last night. We're sounding pretty good too. 
You need to make sure your wife only has a Cardinal on her dresses.    


Gary Kennedy
Little Birdie, Little Birdie
Won't you sing to me a song?
Tennessee Birdwalk

Take away their feathers and the birds will walk around in underwear

Robert Hall
Oh oh!--Herbie sounds angry!....

Hey,didn't George Jones have a song called
"The Last Thing She Gave Me Was The Bird"??..
---better not get TOO angry Herb!..or it might become Rhonda's new single! ..

It looks like a Bluebird on her dress...but of course,because it loves Bluegrass,right?..must be the Bluebird of happiness!(or maybe the happiest Bluebird?)....good thing its not a wood--....umm..never mind!..
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