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I sadly have to replace my beloved iPhone. At&t has canceled my account because we don't have at&t service in smithville. It is a very sad day. Looks like a Droid in my future. Sigh
awwh dude that sucks! At&t rocks! Lol. Good luck with the new phonee(:
Jane H
Julia, If it's any consolation,which I know how devoted to the iphone you have always been, your 'techie' buddy, Ben, has the latest Droid and loves it. Verizon service is expansive too. What did we ever do w/o all these devices?
Well the Fascinate failed to fascinate and its on the way back to Verizon. It looked like the iPhone but did not work like the iPhone. Looks like a boring flip phone in my future: )
Ol' Tech Challenged Dawg

Cellphones are only a necessary evil, as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday at work, a coworker started the shift by puttin' his cellphone in the beltclip and attaching it to the back of his belt. He then took his headset, arranged it on his head and plugged the wire into his phone. Watchin' this daily ritual, I asked him, "Are you wiring your head up to your butt so you'll all be headed in the same direction ?" He was NOT amused. Guess some folks place more importance on that stuff than I do !!!    

Would an unlocked iPhone be a possibility?
I don't think so, Verizon runs on a completely different network and needs certain hardware to work on it. If Verizon is reading this ....PLEASE get the iPhone

Or if Apple is reading this, please get Verizon?

Mike Olinger
PREZ, I'm still watching for "TAKEN" to appear in my mailbox, but no luck yet. It's no problem to pick one up here, I was just concerned that somebody may have taken"TAKEN" out of my mailbox if you had already mailed it. If it shows up I will have one for my car and one for my truck...perfect. It was great to see you again in Kodak!
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