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Mike Garlock
Good Morning Rhonda & Ragers Worldwide,

    Pheasent Season opens today, so I'm going to work a couple of hours late.  The rain has stopped, but the wind is blowing like a South Dakota opener.  Going to a Bluegrass Show tonite in Geneva, NY to hand out Flyers for our Brantling Bluegrass Show next August.  Everyone have agreat weekend.  Mike G.
Good Mornign Mike!  Hope you have a good morning of hunting!
Mike B
OK.....I'm jealous now!  Pheasants are not native to Alabama, and I have never hunted them.  We do have a few private preserves that stock them for hunting, but I don't consider that to be real hunting.  Good luck!
Rage on!!!
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia, South & Ragers,

    Missed the first Rooster with both Barrels.  Just like a 16 year old kid.  I did get #2 and helped on another.  All in all we had a great Morning.  South I have turned a Pheasent Hunt into a Ragin' Weekend in the Past.  Maybe next Year we can get Herb to Book Rhonda in the Midwest the middle of October and we can have a Roadtrip.  My Dog Trailer hasn't left NY in 3 Years I think next Year might have to do it!  Hey Herb how about letting us Pick you up at the Airport in Sioux Falls or Bismarck for a Hunting Trip in 2011?  Mike G.
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