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Mike G.
Good Morning Ragers,

    I think Lizzy Long was with Rhonda last Night in SC.  I can't wait to here about that.  Tonight in Sellersville, PA again is the last Show of the Year.  I love Sellersville and wish it wasn't on a Sunday so we might have had a chance to go.  Since they have limited seating I'm sure it is sold out.  We have 2011 to look forward to!  Again I want to thank Rhonda for all she does for her Fans that's what makes her so special.  Now the important stuff...Off to the Deer stand!  Mike G.
Mike B

Good morning Mr. Mike!  I'm looking forward to 2011 as well.  Health issues kept me from Raging very much this year, but I did make it to three shows.  Raging season begins for us March 5, 2011 at Fulton, Mississippi.  If you've never been to Fulton, put it on your list.  Buster & Grady give you a great evening of bluegrass/gospel music.  The Queen of Bluegrass showed her true professionalism at the National Cornbread Festival.  Half-dead with the flu, the Queen played an hour long set without missing a beat.  I can't wait to see what The Queen and her Dream Team have in store for us next year!

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