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Edward M. O'Brien
HRH Rhonda and the Rage :
  Same deal as last year ?? I know that the Washington House feeds you guys very well, but if you like, I'll make up a "shrimpicnic" basket again this year ! Sorta like singing fer yer supper, I guess. ( Aaron, another jar of Kelchner's horseradish ??)
                          Edward M. O'Brien

"Shrimpicnic" basket? ? ? . . . Oh how I wish WE were going.
My wife LOVES shrimp in a basket!!!

Go for it RV, I know you LOVE shrimp too!!!


I'm glad I don't like shrimp nor horseradish

Edward M. O'Brien
Highness, just you and the Rage - plus the Driver, correct ?? ( I mean, if you were planning on any guests, or like MAYBE if the girls were coming, I make more, that's all!) You could e-mail me if there was a surprise that you didn't want ruined, I'd never tell! Travel safe and Godspeed !
Edward M. O'Brien
  Eat well at the Washington House today. I'm sorry to say that things have changed, and I'll not be attending tonight's show. I hope to find someone to use the tix, but knock 'em dead tonight !
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