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Mike B
Good morning from snow covered Alabama!  Got another dusting during the night.  I know that's nothing special to the Northern Ragers, but we never get this stuff....especially at Christmas! 
Have a great day!!!
Mike G.
Good Morning South & Ragers Worldwide,

    Thanks for giving me that warm feeling that you had a White Christmas!  We had had a couple of verry special days here.  I do have to go to work this Morning, but Sundays are only a half day.  I can't believe I just remembered Sweet Brenda should be on...I'm going to connect.  Mikie G.
Good Morning!
The Ol' Snowbound Dawg

Got between three to four inches with another inch expected today - First snow during Christmas in northeast Jawja since 1882. We had 2 inches yesterday at one point, until it changed over to rain and melted it all away. Then it started snowin' again and we got what we have now. Could've been 6 or 7 inches had it not changed to rain for that hour. Oh, well . . .

Robert Hall
We're about to get slammed here,with anywhere from 1-2 feet of heavy wet snow,depending on whether the rain/snow line comes far enough inland to change the snow to rain during the peak of the storm---usually we get about a foot of snow ,then it rains,compacts it to about 6",then the storm pulls away and it will change back to snow,adding several more inches on top of the slushy mess--its like plowing wet cement,and its very tough on your equipment AND you!..(they call it "heart attack snow")..we'll likely get 15+ inches..

My back is still plenty sore from the last two storms we got this week,they were only 2-3",but it still got my back,arms and legs sore,I used an old large Sears garden tractor,(actually I have three of them!), to plow the small amount rather than my truck,and its a lot tougher on you than sitting in a nice warm truck cab...I also have one with a snowblower,but they are pretty useless in this type of wet snow,they just clog and break belts...

I'm just praying my plow truck doesn't have any problems,there are many things on it about to fail,and my other truck with a plow (a 4x4 Suburban) has tranny woes,it wont go into reverse or overdrive sometimes and dont want to start ,as its diesel needs new glow plugs...

My sister us visiting and plans to stay ,as her town is also in line for 20" possibly....

I'd give anything to not live here --at least between October and April anyway...52 years of this is taking a toll on me...
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