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Mike B

Have a great day!

Mike G.
Good Morning South & Ragers Worldwide,

    We have had some Vandalism out behind our Store this Weekend.  Hard to believe what some people will do.  We should be thankful there is just a couple of bad Apples out there.  Mike G.
Good Morning!!

Sorry I've been kinda MIA lately.  My grandpa had chemo 2 weeks ago and we thought we were gonna lose him 8 days ago.  I drove all night to be there in time to say goodbye but he hung in there and has been slowly but surely getting back up to par.  We've had some great days and some bad days but he seems to be getting back up to his old self again over time.  The only thing that concerns me is some confusion he is having right now.  This is more than likely due to his low Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell count. Chemo is hard on anybody but remarkably harder on someone his age.  The doctors are very hopeful about things and seem to think that everything is going as planned.  He looks much better and is sleeping at night and alert (plus the confusion) during the day.  We are truly blessed!

Hope y'all have a great day!

Dear Herby

Glad to hear Grandpa is doing some better, and glad to see you're still functioning as well. Hope Christmas was good for you too!!!!

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