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One more day til the weekend!!!!!  Everyone have a great day, and if its snowing where you are....be careful!!!
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia, Rhonda & Ragers Worldwide,

    We received a couple of inches of Snow last Night, but no surprise they have Snow in our forcast for the next 10 days.  Travel day for the Martha White Bluegrass Express heading to Oregon.  UM South would like Rhonda to give their Football Team the "Julia Black Cat Treatment"!  One of my best friends vacationed there last Summer and he is still telling everyone how much he loved it.  Everyone have a great day.  Mike G.
Mike B
Good morning, y'all!  Julia...Forecasters here say we may get 5-10 inches of snow Sunday-Monday.  Is Smithville under the same forecast?  I wonder if Hammer or Robert Hall would bring their plows down South?  We got 12" in 1993 and the community was paralyzed for a week.
You are correct UM East...the "Black Cat Treatment" would be nice.  I wonder if RV&R packed Orange & Blue outfits for this trip?
Have a great day!
Robert Hall
Good morning everyone..

...snow is expected here starting about 5 pm and will last till tomorow ,but the forecast is predicting only 1-4" in my area (be interesting to see if they get it RIGHT this time!)...

Mike B. , I'd love to leave this God forsaken place and move further south...I hate living here more with each passing day...

I doubt my truck would make it very far though,I drove it 8 miles to get firewood yesterday and I thought I was going to have to walk ,when the engine started dying out like it was running out of diesel..it made it home though..maybe the fuel was gelling up?..

...after the beating I had to give it a week ago when the "Blizzard of 2010" hit us,I am surprised its still running ,moving, and I didn't break the frame when I smashed the rear bumper into a utility pole while plowing, and ruined it (one that I made from 6" C channel I thought could never bend,but it folded up like it was lead!)...

I spent a week making it,and it was only on the truck maybe 30 miles before I destroyed it,when I was rocking the truck out of a snowbank  and hit the pole...the engine sounds like it has a loose rod bearing till it warms up too,and I wouldn't be surprised if it blows up,or the tranny dies in it after all the bad storms I have plowed with this truck..

...my other "plow" truck,an '85 4x4 diesel Suburban has tranny problems,reverse only works when it feels like it and no overdrive,so I have not put it on the road since I got it over a year ago..(cost of insurance & plates is more than I paid for it!)..I'd be lucky if it plowed my driveway the way it is,I only keep it for a back up or parts truck,but its in better shape than my pickup is..

I am hoping we dont get much snow this storm--my next door neighbor is VERY upset with me because I pushed the snow from our driveway too close to his yard and unknown to me,I went beyond the property lines,(they aren't marked and I think he is wrong about where the actual boundary is)--and he's one of those guys who spend a lot of money and time making his lawn look like a golf course..

He came over and reamed me out last weekend when I was trying to scrape up 3" thick ice off the driveway & walks while we were having a rare 60 degree day...my ulcers have been bleeding ever since..

 --I apologized several times for any damage I may have done,(you wont be able to tell until spring when it all melts ,I doubt any real "damage" was done)--but he didn't really accept  my apology,now I fear he will expect me to pay to have his lawn fixed and he also thretened legal action..we got along good for 10 years till last week.... 

I have NO money to pay any damages and neither does my 83 year old mother,who is barely hanging on, day by day...the reason I plowed the snow so far back,and towards my neighbors home, was to make room for upcoming storms,and the fact my mom might need to get to the ER in an ambulance,and I dont want our driveway blocked in with 3' snow drifts..plus if I plow it to the other side of the yard,it blocks any rain or melting snow from running off into the woods,and it flows right into our basement,flooding it!..

Last thing I need is a disgruntled neighbor,I already have several "bad" neighbors living close by who drive me insane with barking dogs, and do things that are quite annoying and illegal ,it makes life very unpleasant,on top of all the other things in my own life I must deal with on a daily basis..everyone cares only about themselves,never lend you a hand,or care if your about broke, and are struggling to help  keep your elderly mother in her home as long as possible...

I've gotten so depressed over the whole situation here that I wish I could go to sleep and never awaken again..I am that sick of everything!..

As for plowing others,I balk at plowing other people out due to the legal obligations, and the fact you need special insurance to do it legally,and all the headaches that come when someone complains about where you put the snow,etc..

I will only do it for a select few friends and only if I alrready plowed my driveway..nothing worse than busting the truck or plow up on someone elses driveway,then not be able to plow YOUR yard!..people think plowing is an easy way to make tons of money,it is NOT...I did it for 23 years and it has only COST me money!..

I dont see how Mike G. can stand living up where he is,and having all that snow...I get extremely anxious and depressed when a big storm is coming our way now,not knowing if my back can handle the stress of removing the snow.....I really hope this is my LAST winter here,every year gets worse as my health deteriorates...

Rhonda is smart,going to CA this time of the year...wish I was there too!...(and I dont mean the mountains there that have 12 feet of snow either!)..


Mike G.
Afternoon Robert,

    I've lived here my whole life and I get sick of the Weather usually in mid February.  I just Parked the Plow Truck for the day I hope.  The only thing I'm getting tired of is carrying Firewood in the House!  Mike G.
Professor Ron
Robert, just put on a Rhonda CD, sit back and relax!

By the way, I enjoy your posts as you give words to how many people feel.
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