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Martha White Bg Express
Martha White Bluegrass Express - all chained up

And the Baker Truck Corral is one of the greatest places in the world to eat!!!

They even prepared a to-go pack of sweet tea, pasta, and lima bean soup.

Goodness Gracious it's Good!!

I've got a silly question.  Why is only one particular tire chained up on each side?  I've not really learned much about tire chains, but I was curious about their placement.
Mike G.
Morning Cawtney,

    I think they only Chain the Drive Tires.  The next one back supports the weight of the Bus.  Mike G.
Ahh ok! That makes sense!  Thanks!

The tracks look like you slid to that spot and decided to put the chains on there

That's only if YOU were driving Harry!!  
Robert Hall
Rhonda---you haven't been doing "donuts" with the Martha White Express,have you??........

Looks like it does here in the photo....

Unfortunately the storm coming here has been "upgraded",now they expect 12-18" of wet heavy snow here AGAIN.....we may also get a period of rain/sleet/ice mixing in as per usual for my area,which makes it much more miserable to plow or shovel..snowblowers plug up instantly with that kind of slushy snow,and its like pushing a block of granite with a truck,when you must back up and bash into it several times to get it to move...you come right out of the seat ,wearing seat belts is a must unless you ike bouncing off the windsheild or steering wheel...

I am not very happy right now,I feel quite sick ,and
spending all day tomorrow in my plow truck praying it doesn't break down and shoveling isn't something I feel much like doing...worst part is the storm will hit about 1 am,and if your not out there to keep up with it,you'll end up having to move 18" all at once (plus the drifts,we're supposed to get 40 mph winds,so 3-4 foot drifts wont be uncommon!)..

I've been watching the weather channel,and I see Atlanta got at least 6" --and they only have 11 snowplows down there for the entire town!..

Geez,I have TWO trucks in my driveway with plows-
plus two garden tractors,one with a plow and one with a snowblower..and I'm STILL lucky if I can get the driveway plowed!...but,in GA it'll melt in a few days,not here--once I plow snow into piles,its not going anywhere till at least March,unless we get a heavy rainstorm,which hasn't happened often the past ten years this time of the year....

I'd love to move away from here--but where can you go,when its been snowing in Texas,LA,GA,and the Carolinas??...is there anyplace besides Hawaii in the USA that has WARM weather this time of year any more??..

That's a great question Robert!!

My brother Brian, actually DID find the summer season. He went to Brazil!!

I don't think I move all my stuff.  However, I could just get on a plane and buy ALL NEW STUFF when I get there!!  It would be worth it to find warm, sunny, bikini weather!!  


Rhonda, I hear that it's bikini weather in San Diego right now......and the shopping is always great!  The malls aren't very crowded this time of year, although that's going to change if you show up in a bikini.  That reminds me, I think I need to go check out the new iphones!


I'd be trying to do donuts

I`ll eat donuts while watching Rhonda in a bikini until they chain me up & haul me off to the funny farm.
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