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Looks like we may be in for some more snow today.  We got lucky here and only got 3 and a half inches while I know alot of our Rager friends really got a bunch of it.  Everyone stay safe on the roads!!

Oh and this could be my second Christmas in a month IF the rumors are true and Verizon announces today that they are getting the iPhone!!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  I sure have missed my iPhone these past four months since AT&T kicked me off of their service!!
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia, Rhonda & Ragers,

    Quiet before the Storm here in NY.  All of the Winter Sports people want more Snow except the Ice Boaters.  There is already to much Snow on top of the Ice for the Runners on the Sailboats to work.  The Snowmobile Trails have gotten fresh snow every other day and are being used heavily.  Everyone stay safe and warm today.  Mike G.
The Ol' Dawg

The Weather folks down here are sayin' that our winter storm will now race up the Eastern Seaboard as a minor Nor'easter, whatever that is. Iced in again today, and everythang is closed.  Time for a fresh pot of pipin' hot coffee !!!

Mike B
Good morning from the state of Alabama, home of the 2010 National Champion AUBURN TIGER football team!  The "heart attack" boys never gave up, and in the end Wes Byrum brought home our first NC since 1957.( In fairness, an obscure northern team also claims the '57 title.)  It's great to be an AUBURN TIGER!!!

Congratulations Mike B!!!  
Mike G.
Morning South,

    GLK will most likely claim half of this Championship for Ohio State you know how they like to spread the Wealth around!  Since Syracuse won the 1959 Championship do I have something to look forward to in two Years?  Mike G.
Mike B
You could do like the Bammers, Mike.  Just pick a random year from history and claim the championship for that year.  Bama claims 13 but historical fact only shows 6, maybe 7 championships.  I see no reason the Orangemen can't do the same!
HOORAY!!!!  On February 10th I should have a new Verizon iPhone!!!
Congratulations, Julia!  Why did AT&T kick you off?  You weren't doing your Brett Favre impersonation again, were you?

Congratulations on your first national championship, Peace Eagle!

Hammer, you did a very nice job of sneaking in a subtle political dig while the Prez was playing with her phone.  However, I don't want half of the '57 title.  I'm claiming the whole thing.  Auburn was on probation and ineligible for a bowl game that year, because they were caught paying players.  That would never be tolerated at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!

At the end of the regular season, the liberal AP voted Auburn #1 and OSU #2.  That was their final poll, because they considered the bowls to be meaningless exhibition games.  After OHIO STATE beat the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl, they were voted the real national champions by the Fair and Balanced UPI.

Oh, and good morning to all of Rageland and the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT!
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