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Mark Morrison

Hey Rhonda, been searching the websites to find information on the Northtown Opry performance on January 13th with no luck.  What time do the doors open and the Rage perform?

Hi Mark,

I plan to get all of that info today and will let you know.

Mary G

I know a little. the address is 1419 Swift Ave    the ph # is 816-471-6779 but when I tried it to order tickets the gave his name and said to call back, I don't remember his name.

The showtime for the Northtown Opry show on Jan 13 is 7:30 pm with the doors opening at 6:30 pm.

The address is 1419 Swift Ave.
Julia you are correct on the address.....1419 Swift.

Sorry Mary G. you probably have their old address. They moved a year or so ago.

Hope we have a full house!!! Rally all Ragers!!! Sir Charles are you going ?
Charles Flanary
Hey Herby, I talked to Byron today and secured my ticket.  See you there!!
Mark Morrison
Thanks, Julia.  Should have known you would have the connections!!   And its nice to see the CEO is keeping everything in check.

See ya there!!!!   Then its on to Jeff City.

Called this # and it said it had been disconnected or changed.  I could ask my friend who sings and see if he has the #.

Hi Leannette,

That's the number I called the other day and it worked.  I'll see if I can find another number.
Charles Flanary
Here is Byron Jones Northtown Opry number to call.
816-471-6779   I talked to Byron on Monday.
Tickets are going fast!  Call the Northtown Opry right away!

Byron Jones - Northtown Opry- 816-471-6779


I waited too long!!! They are sold out. If anyone on here has any available for sale, please let me know! Thanks

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