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Dear Herby
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a day in the studio!!!!! Great musicians...Great songs....and some great performances!!!!

Hang on to your hats folks...this will be one for the ages!! You're gonna love this project...I gaaarontee. I get happy feet just thinking about it.
Proud Wife!
Herb.....Great work at leading the sessions today and producing authentic traditional country music!!!  I am so proud of you. 

I think he's just trying to figure out how to tune in the Cardinals game on that really big radio in front of him
The Ol' Dawg

HMMMMMMMM . . . Reckon what this button does ?    

Mike B
BTW....his eyes are fine.  The glasses just make him look more distinguished! 
Whitey & Linda
Wow!! Love to see a husband get involved with his wife's career!! And I think Herb is a very good involver!! Can't wait to hear the songs.  Linda
Dear Herby
Thank you Honey...the pleasure was all mine!!!

Julia, You'll be happy to know that I did find the Cards!!!

Dawg, I was looking for the button to order lunch...instead, I found the delete button....oooops!!!

Mike B. Unfortunately, I hit the delete button BEFORE I put the glasses on. Thus prompting mayhem in the studio. So, I thought maybe I should wear them. Oh well, what's a day without a little rain. You can never find the silver lining unless you have one.

Linda, Normally having the spouse involved is the kiss of death. I'm trying to change that trend. Let's just wait till it hits the stores. Then we'll see what the results will be. But I can tell you one thing...if you liked what you heard last Wednesday in Nashville, you're gonna love this!!!!

The magic begins again today at 2 pm. I'm pumped!! Roared out of bed this morning with ideas on todays session filling my brain. (I know...that didn't take much) I'm thinking there may be something special at the tail end of todays session. Something you never hear on any other project. Stay tuned...I'll let you know how it comes out....
Linda R.
Herb, Can't wait! I will be watching and I know I will like it, Whitey and I really enjoyed last Wed. so thankful we got to go. Linda
The Ol' Dawg

I recognize that pose very well - I can see a gnat's wing from forty yards away, but, can't see anythang rubbin' up against my nose - UNTIL I put on my readin' glasses . . . Ever noticed how you always seem to tilt your head back and look down your snout, er, uh . . . NOSE, when you have them thangs on ? And, by the way, at our age, lunch is VERY IMPORTANT !!!    

Mike B
Testify, Brother Dawg!  I have reading glasses in every room of my house and in every automobile I own.  Middle age ain't pretty!
The Ol' Dawg

Brother War Eagle, Middle Age may not be purty, but, we can't see that without our readin' glasses anyway !!!   

1 executive producer,
2 voices,
3 fiddles,
4/4 shuffles,
a 5 string bass,
6 string guitars,
7 outstanding musicians,
Gr8 engineers ,

E9 Tuning on a 10 string steel, and
11 good ole country songs =
Gene Watson & Rhonda Vincent's new DUET project!
at first glance i thought Dear Herby was playing piano, then my wife took her specs  and gave me mine back.
Ann A

Can't wait for the new project!!!!

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