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   Herb,Purdue's Matt Painter to meet with Missouri.What do you think?

Uncle Pen

He wants Purdue to get theri checkbook out and put some more zeros on his check!

Whitey & Linda
Uncle Pen, I sure don 't understand it. He just signed a contract till 2016, don't know how much it was for! Hope he stays here myself.

Whitey & Linda
LOL, LOL, just on the news!! He has! or is, meeting with Missouri. Late last night Purdue did up the anne! He said, he would have an answer for us all by noon Wed. He is already making over a million with extra added on, he is close to 2 million.

I agree with Unc....Matt is just looking to pad the pocket book. What better way to do that than to interview with another school. I'm not sure I really want him. I prefer Brad Stevenson from Butler. He would be a perfect fit for Mizzou. It would be a step up in programs for him. Better facilities. Major conference. He seems like a classy guy. I like him, and his style of BB coaching!!!

The only reason Matt would consider Mizzou is: He doesn't see eye to eye with his AD...Much better facilities...Easier to recruit at Mizzou...We don't have the standards Purdue has, and you have KC and St. louis to recruit, with very little competition inside your homestate.

My problem with him is: He hasn't done very well in the NCAA tourney. I don't like coaches that hold institutions up for ransom. (why else would he threaten to leave his home area.)
Uncle Pen
Painter was 9th in base salary in the Big 10.  He'll be moving on up..  to the east side...  to a deluxe apartment...  in the sky~~~!!!
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