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Mike B
Good morning everyone!  I didn't sleep much last night.....woke up to the sound of my dogs howling with the coyotes....my HOUSE dogs!  Mans best friend.....
Have a great day!!!
Good Morning Mike!  
Mike G.
Good Morning Mike B., Julia & Ragers,

    It's going to get above freezing today!  That's all I got to say...Mike G.
Good Morning all!  Have a great day.
Howdy all.

Mike G.,  above 40 here today, first time since last Tuesday.  But they're calling for snow tomorrow.
Jim G

Good Morning ALL RAGERS have a great day. Alittle snow this morning probaly melt by noon!

Ok Ragers....we've not had any voting going on here lately.....Count of hands....who votes for winter to STOP ALREADY????
Mike G.
Morning Harry,

    I wasn't even going to metion that there is Snow in our forcast.  I alway's worried about driving to Hanover in Snow...normally Lancaster is safe, but not this year.  I can't come to Lancaster I have Rotary training from 8:00am til 2:00pm Saturday and if I don't go it will show a lack of leadership that I just can't live with.  Julia I vote Winter to end!  It has been a long one.  Mike G.
Mary G

It has stopped snowing here. Hope it is the tail end of winter for us. My vote is to stop already!

Jean M
  ** Waves hand frantically at Julia**  It was 27 on my way to work this morning... Enough!!! I don't like hot weather but I would like to see 45-50 in the mornings... 
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