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Another hot day in TN, but I'm not complaining after all the cold weather then tornados...I'll take a good hot sunny day
jim g
Good morning julia and all racers.Raining here hope it clears later. Have a great day.
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia & Ragers Worldwide,

    Our two day Hot Spell is over...Back to Dear Herby weather...75 Sunny and low Humidity.  Lake Ontario is very high and the water is in the Shop at Arney's Marina on Sodus Bay.  I talked to my buddy in Bismark, ND and the Missouri River is out of the Banks all the way up there.  I can't believe all the water is so high in the whole Country.  Our Farmers are still trying to plant fields and so many are still to wet.  Oh well we can only hope this dry weather lasts so thing can get back to normal.  Everyone enjoy the day..hey tomorrow Friday already!  Mike G.
Have a great day everyone!  Should be ok here in the middle, no rain and low humidity.  I hope!

I have the day off and I am going fishing for trout!
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