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Robert Hall
Dear Rhonda..

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!..along with the "Rage" and all the Ragers..

It's been a rough year for me,and some things could be a lot beter--but I still have much to be thankfull for--and am counting my blessings..things could be a lot worse for sure..

Been a long time since I have been able to post here--my sister came across a computer that was a bit newer than my old one that wouldn't allow me to post here--all I'd get was a :internet explorer cannot open this website--message aborted: error message..

I could read the new posts on the message board--but there wasn't many to read ,because everyone is on facebook and twitter now,and my computer would just have a seizure if I tried logging onto either of those sites..couldn't watch youtube videos either...

I'm still not sure if this computer will allow me to go on facebook or watch videos either,I'm still trying to figure out some quirks it has--have to set up my e-mail,etc....hopefully I will be able to read your messages there at least now..

I read Herb had to get some stents replaced--I hope he is doing well and makes a full recovery!..

I miss you a great deal,and pray I somehow can get to a show if you ever come close enough to my area again..

Take care and God Bless...

Hi Robert!

So good to hear from you!

We think of you often, and I yelled to Herb as I read your post.

Take care Robert!!

Hope to see you on our next visit to the Northeast!
Robert Hall

I am SO glad you received my message!..and to see you still participate on your message board..
(I think your the only artist/performer that does !)..

Tell Herb I'll add an extra prayer for him to get well soon--and book a date for you to play somewhere up here please?..[wink]..maybe not till after winter though!..it can be tough getting to shows around here from january till april ..

I really missed seeing you ,it hasn't felt right not seeing you in CT in the spring at the festivals the past few years..

I could write you a book on all thats happened here this year to me--most of it not very uplifting or positive I'm afraid, many things have changed in my life--some for the worse,some for the better......... (I hope)...too much to list here and drag everyone down with..

I'm sorry I was unable to get to your shows in CT and VT last month..
I'm afraid I haven't been able to keep up with your CD's,I think you have put at least two or more out since "Taken" and I have yet to hear any of the songs on them ..

You were very kind to send me condolances after my mom passed away in June,I really appreciated your response..it helped me pull thru the roughest time in my life..

They say Thanksgiving is the time we should count our blessings.
...well,I can tell you this..I may be able to count them on one hand..but..
Your #1 on my list of blessings Rh[angel]nda!..


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