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Christina Lane
Hi, Rhonda
First of all i would like to say how amazing i think all of your music is and how much of i listen to, secondly i have only me as my ringtone and always get asked who is singing and they become in love with your music as much as me.
I live in Croydon, london UK and sing in a local church band and am always telling the worship leader to listen to some of your music as well, however i wrote my own rendition of amazing grace and would love to send it to you to see if it is something you could sing as I'm not the greatest singer and maybe even put a bluegrass twist on it. I will upload a photo with the lyrics on it for you to see. Again love your music and always watch your lives and have recently started following you on my own facebook instead of a friends.
Love and blessings to you
And hope one day to fly out to the USA to see you live❤
Christina lane

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