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Hi Ms. Vincent, I am a fan of your music. What a talent you are. I have been watching your Facebook live videos and hear you often speak of your daughters. I am curious has to how you came to name your daughter Tensil? That is so unusual and peaks my curiosity. I love hearing you sing and watching you and Herb on Facebook. Stay healthy and please have safe travels in your life's journey🙏 blessings😇😇
Thank you so much for joining me here and on facebook.  

I have a friend, and her name is Tinsel.  When my daughter was born, I thought that was such an adorable name, we named our daughter Tensel. I made it all "e"s so it would be easier to spell.  :-)   Now there are other little girls named Tensel, from hearing of my daughters name.  AND, our Tensel was born in December.  
Tensel is a very good singer, like her Mom! We've watched some Next Best Thing performances on YouTube.
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