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Items Needed:


Kitchen Aide Mixer

Kichen Aide Ice Cream Bowl with attachments 

(Please Note: Ice Cream Bowl must be in freezer for at least 15 hours to 

be sure it is properly chilled) 

Large Bowl 



2 Eggs

1 C Sugar

5 oz Evaporated Milk

Pinch of Salt

½ t. Vanilla

25 oz Regular Milk 


It is important the order and timing of this recipe.


Step 1 

Mix in large bowl and Whisk all ingredients briskly 

till all are thoroughly mixed.   


Step 2

For ideal results (but not necessary)  
Chill the mixed ingredients the large bowl in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours. 


Step 3 

Be sure you have all the attachments.  Do not allow any

time between the time you remove the Ice Cream Mixture and when you

remove the ice cream bowl from the freezer. This must be done quickly.


Step 4

Attach the frozen ice cream bowl to the mixer and start the mixer
Very Important - mix on the lowest speed (setting 1 stir)
leave at this speed the entire time 

Step 5

Pour the chilled ice cream mixture slowly into the frozen ice cream bowl. Mix for approximately 20 – 45 minutes, or until ice cream has reached the desired consistency.  
Be sure it is thickened and forming a peak at the top of the ice cream bowl 


Step 6

Immediately remove the ice cream from the ice cream mixer bowl, and store in a large bowl. 


Step 7 

Immediately clean the ice cream mixer bowl with warm water, dry, and put the ice cream mixer bowl back into the freezer.   rff


Who made fresh homemade ice cream today? 

I DID!!  :-) 
do you cook the mixture since it has raw egg before you refrigerate?
No cooking.   Just mix it up and pour in the ice cream freezer bowl.  
Here's the Kitchen Aide Bowl Ice Cream Recipe.   
I really need to order one of those KitchenAid ice cream bowls!
Mary Sorden
Thank you for the ice cream recipe. Will give it a try. Love your music and Facebook lives. Be safe. Mary
[love][love] Great for a hot summer day thanks!
Doug Mitchell
Now I'm spending $$ on a Kitchenaid ice cream bowl for my Kitchenaid mixer. [biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]!!!

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