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I just read your tribute to Bill Monroe and you mentioned meeting him in Knob Noster, MO. That would have been at Herman Smith's Jamboree Park. I was there when Bill Monroe was there. It was a really big event at that time.

My brother and I were in Knob Noster a while back and the old park is now closed and grown up in brush. The stage area is now being used to store hay. I asked my brother if he remembered Bill Monroe being there and he said yes and he also remembered us playing with a girl there and her name was Rhonda. We were about 8 and 10 at the time so we spent most of our time running around and goofing off. Little did I know that it could have been you that we had met. He told me later, after we had left the run down park that he thought the girls name was Rhonda Vincent.

Those days are long gone but now I have 2 sons and the youngest is a huge fan of yours. He has taken up the guitar and mandolin now and is trying to learn bluegrass. I am taking him to a bluegrass festival in Clinton MO this weekend and hope he makes as many memories as my brother and I have.
So good to hear from you!!  Like you, I have so many fond memories of that festival!!  It was one of the best!  Hope to see you soon!

Mike B
It's a small world, isn't it!  One year ago, I had never heard of Knob Noster, Missouri, much less been there.  In January of this year, my son and daughter-in-law moved to Knob Noster where my son serves with the US Air Force 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB.  It's very cool to read about some of the history of his new home town on the RV message board.
Cletus Brown
I am proud to say Herman Smith is my uncle, My Mother was his sister. I never got to go to the Park ,But i miss thosed ties
Robert Kessinger
I lived in Knob Noster twice. I graduated there in 1965. My friend Gary Judd went on to become the Chief of Police. I went on to become a Deputy Sheriff.

That lil town taught you some good values..

Hope to see you in Springfield in Sept. If i'm lucky i could get my guitar signed.
Randy Tate
I grew up with a small bluegrass family in central Missouri (Loutre Valley Grass) and attended several festivals in the area, several with the Sally Mountain Trio performing. Going thru some family photos and things with my mom and she just gave me a flyer I had packed away from the 1st annual Herman Smith's Bluegrass festival, I must of been 12 years old but also must of been active with the autographs. Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Jim & Jesse, Keith Whitley, Rick Skaggs, etc. The lists goes on. Great music, great times but above all great memories.
Had to Google some names and came across this message board. Thanks
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