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Linda Heaverin
I don't know if the first message went thru or not. So I am trying again. I want to ask you a question. You will have to think back. Quite a few years back. Me and my husband. Would always go to the Cornbread Festival to see you. We started bring my mama and daddy. My mama was in a wheelchair. You were on the cornbread stage. My mama wanted you to autograph her leg. My husband took her leg off. With the shoe still on it. Went up to you.To see if you would autograph it for her. Being the sweetheart you are. You did. Oh how mama loved that. We would talk about that all the time. Now my beautiful husband and my beautiful mama are now in Heaven.How I miss and love them. I want to thank you for all the beautiful memories you have given us. I pray for all the best for you and yours. Love Linda
Hi Linda!!  I DO remember that.  I still have photos of signing your Mom's leg somewhere. 

Wonderful to hear from you. I hope we can get back on the road very soon, and I hope we get to see you when we do.  All the Best,  Rhonda
Linda and Rhonda,

I found some photos from that day!  I remember it well too!  

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