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Jeanita Spillman
Hi Rhonda, Can't believe you are in my Neighborhood tonight. I live 16 miles from Marion, Il.
Our roads are so bad here, Im hoping we can get there tonight to see you.  I met you at the Longhollow pike,  you sang with Mike Johnson, I work with Bobby Reed at the illinois Steel Guitar Show. My Husband Merv & I think you are awesome of course, mostly because you are incredibly talented but also because you are incredibly real!! I enjoyed spending time with you so much in Longhollow. You may remember Bobby & I wanted you at our Steel Show so much!! but you were booked somewhere else of course.  Mike  & Joanie headlined for us though which was already planned. They too are the Sweetest, realest people We know.  Well, Lets hope we can get to Marion, I would hate to miss you, this close to us. Big Hugs, and Break A Leg, Your Best illinois Fans, Jeanita & Merv Spillman[smile]

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