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My point was that I would like to see her in something other than an evening gown when I open my magazine. 


Careful what you ask for. I see her first thing every morning.  And she looks just as lovely as she did the night before. ( I know....you thought I was going somewhere else with this) Tricked ya didn't I. LOL

Mike Garlock
Hey Herb,

    You do gotta Track Record ya know....Mike G.
Tom Alman
Hi Jerri! If Rhonda is happy, we are happy! You have to understand we are kind of gun shy around here. We want Rhonda and Rage WELL and HAPPY! You also have to understand we try to cover each others back, when needed! Hang around an while and see what a great group we have here!!!

Our Beautiful Queen!
Rhonda is beautiful and classy no matter what she is wearing.
She don't always dress in evening gowns.



Herb, how many points did you earn by that? lol


I don't know Harry, hopefully enough to carry me through the rest of the year. It's tough walking in my shoes.

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