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You sure have been quiet tonight. My phone hasn't rang one time. No text messages. No slams on the web site. What's up????
Oh yea, the Buc's are losing tonight. Gee, I thought after yesterday, they were headed to the WS, to play Detroit.
Is there anything you would like to say Prez??????

Go Cards.
It's not over YET Herb!!! I just wish they would start hitting sometime BEFORE the ninth inning

AND I believe I said that I wasn't buying WS tickets yet
Ok NOW it's over You must admit we made it interesting though Too bad they only played a two game series because neither of us have bragging rights.....unless of course if you consider that the Cards are near the top of the standings and we're digging our trench in the basement and taking up residence for the rest of the season.

Ya gotta give me credit for loyalty though
Tom Alman
Oh! Gee! I guess we are not gonna get that Tigers, Bucs series after all LOL! Come on Prez you gotta cheer louder!!!

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