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Hi folks,


I had a felloe Italian look up a recipe that generated from my dad and mom's home town in Italy.  This brought back so many memories, as I lost both parents, dad in March 2004 and mom in March 2007.  As we are approaching the month of March, I started to reminisce, miss, etc.


This was a favorite of mine and my sisters and I wanted to share it with my brand new family of Ragers.  My mom called this, Pastiere- she was from Salerno, and my dad who was from Siano, they called it ai migliazzo or otherwise known as Macaroni Pie.  If you do make this, I hope you enjoy it.  You can use spaghetti, ziti, or any pasta you want.  The best is to use leftovers.



6 Eggs
1/2 pound Cooked Macaroni
-- Spaghetti is best for beginners
-- Some say you must use buccatini
2 tb Olive Oil
1/4 c (or more) Parmesan Cheese -- grated
Salt and Pepper to taste

Beat the eggs. Mix in the macaroni/spaghetti, grated Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.

In a medium skillet, heat the oil over medium flame. Add the pasta mixture, spreading it out to the edges like a thick pancake. Cook on low until the bottom is browned and crisp, but (VERY IMPORTANT) press down on the mixture with a spatula (or hamburger flipper) attentively to ensure that the uncooked liquid egg rises/penetrates up through the macaroni. (If you don't do this, the egg will solidify/cook below the macaroni in the pan and there will be none available to bind the macaroni now in the upper part of the pie.)

When the bottom has set and is golden brown, flip the macaroni pie over, by inverting it onto a plate and then sliding it back into the pan.

Cook, uncovered, until the bottom is crisp and golden.

Place on paper towels to cool a bit and absorb residual oil.

Serve warm or cold.

John S
Vito ...
Dude! I love to cook and my wife and I have a collection of recipes ... some tried and others yet to be attempted (to look at me I have tried more than not ).
This sounds pretty dag-gone good
John S

You are going to love it!  My mom would make it with leftovers, that had sauce or she would make it from scratch without the sauce.  Either way it came out delicious.  This recipe is so cool that anyway you make it, it will taste good.  Hope you and your family get a chance to make it.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself speaking Italian at the end of the night!

Kim from MO
This sounds delicious, and easy!  I'm going to try it this week.  Thanks for sharing!  (I LOVE Italian food!)

Kim from MO
Antonio Amabile
Omg from Siano? I'm from Castel San Giorgio, Italy. Siano is really close to me! Ahah love the recipe [smile]
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