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Charlotte Hazelwood
Hi Rhonda, hubby and I liked the rumaki , but next time i am gonna marinade it in soy saucei think before I bake it. ty for sharing the recipe. 😉 I used to get FDR TY and watched LCD  and now I  can't get it. I wanted to watch the show tonight. when you all were on. [frown]. LOL Have a great night. Did you ever try the peanut butter ice. cream sauce?  😉 I love the videos !!   God's safety and Blessings !!!  ty for the reply 😉

Thank you Charlotte!  I haven't tried the peanut butter sauce yet.  I did bake Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies last night, then spread on some peanut butter while they were hot.  My great-grandma Ethel Suiter would take Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies, spread peanut butter on it, then dip it in her hot coffee.  Since I don't like coffee, I get hot water, and dip it in.  Delicious!!  

I dip my rumaki in bbq sauce. I bet the marinade will be really good too.
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