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Robin Griffin
Dear Mrs. Vincent,

I'm writing on behalf of my Daddy, who is 72 years young today, and is bar none, your biggest fan. He just saw you a couple of days ago at your concert near Ocala. He's the gentleman who brought you a bag full of Tangelos. (And I believe he brings you similar citrus gifts every time he sees you.)
Anyway, because he is your biggest fan, and because I am his, I want to paint a picture of my Paw for you.
My Daddy has been working his whole life. He grew up in central Florida, the oldest of four, in a family of very humble beginnings. What they didn't have in money, they sure did have in love, faith in Jesus, and work ethic. My paw never graduated high school but worked his way up through the construction world and made a nice life for my mama, my sister and I. He worked hard and often and paved the way for my sister and I to go to college and make a good life for ourselves... a luxury he was never afforded. Again, we weren't rich in money, but he offered leadership to The Lord, love, discipline and too many sacrifices to count. Fast forward to just a few years back and my Paw has finally retired, which was something I never thought he'd be able to do. Now that he is retired, he's the resident fix it guy, who does everything from shuttling sick folks to the Doctor, to fetching their medicine, to mowing their grass, to fixing things that are broken. When they ask how much his charge is for his ongoing benevolence... Daddy replies, "Ten thousand dollars, and if you can't pay me in cash right this second, I don't want nothin!"
Needless to say, my Daddy is loved, respected, and revered by all who know him.
For my Daddy's 72nd birthday today, I wonder if I could ask you for an autographed photo for my Paw... Something just for him... Your biggest fan and my biggest hero!
Thank you so much!!
Robin Griffin

Robert (Bobby) Griffin
1329 Arrowhead Court
Auburndale, Florida 33823
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