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The Ol' Dawg

Havin' received my new Bluegrass Unlimited today, I must, first of all, say that the cover shot could very well be my favorite from that particular group of photos - Senor Sanchez, you done GOOD !!! But, I digress. My question is with the text of the article. A particular passage, quoting Herb, reads:


"Rhonda is very intelligent," said Sandker, who has managed his wife's career since she returned to bluegrass. He took over her promotion and began booking her tours a couple of years ago. "She's involved in every aspect of her business. There's nothing that she doesn't have a hand in."



Knowin' good ol' Herb the way that we do, one would assume that there is a 
logical progression of thought in his statement, that would seem incomplete,
as it is stated here. After the statement "Rhonda is very intelligent", it would
seem that the next phrase would read, "After all, she married ME !!!"   

Only Herb can tell us if his comments for the article were "edited", rendering them inaccurate. So, Herb ? What's the "scoop" ?


Tom Alman
What say Herb? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Dawg, you are soooooooo right. It's tough doing these interviews. When you're under the gun like this, it's hard to remember all the things a person would like to say. I do like the way you think though. That would have been an appropriate addition to the interview.
I'll do better next time. I should also consult with you during the interview, just to make sure I don't leave something as important as that out.
That goes without saying, Dawg. Of course Rhonda's intelligence is demonstrated by the fact that she married Herb.
I've been telling my wife for years how smart she was to marry me. I'm just hoping someday she is dumb enough to believe it!!
Hmmmmmm... should I or shouldn't I comment?????
LOL  You boys are too funny!  Julia, I wouldn't bother commenting.  Those boys obviously don't know who is really in charge.  We just let them think they are.

Julia, just leave 'em alone 

Don A

  I've been married for almost 26 years now, and I knew back then that I was marrying "Miss Right" ................... I just didn't know that her first name was "Always." 

The Ol' Dawg

You Da Man, Don !!!   

Tom Alman
Think about this too guys. I married for money 36 years ago and I'm still watin' Hmmmmm!!!

Ann Adams

 Hmmm.........I just read post #8...................Could be a cold & frosty day in the Adams' household .  We all know what payback is like . LOL

Hmmm.........I just read post #8...................Could be a cold & frosty day in the Adams' household  

You guys live at the north pole, isn't it always a frosty day?
Ann Adams

       Harry, not this frosty  


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