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Louis Gentile
WE neeed to reply more to the message board that make it more fun to read everybodys comments
lets make this a fun message board again
Hi Louis!

You are so right!  Once I joined Facebook, and started posting there, it became the new center point for our communication.

Join me there for daily posts.    http://www.facebook.com/rhondavincentofficial

Be sure to LIKE the page. 

We can also post here.  Watch for a new web site design, coming soon!  :-)

Have a great day,


Ramona in Colorado

Hi Rhonda & The Rage -
Gotta tell you that I love reading anything I can get my hands on by your group. 
This message board is fine, just needs more folks to come participate. is all.
So, here's my Rhonda story.....
I (finally) just recently got to catch a LIVE performance (my 1st ever!) of RV&TR out in Colorado at the 44th RockyGrass this past July. Amazing, incredible, hard driving, power packed set from start to finish. If I had not seen any other act all festival long I would have paid the price again just to experience all the Ragin' fun of your show. RV&TR "made" my Summer, 2016. Thank You all for coming to Colorado! Welcome back anytime!!! 
No wonder they call you the Queen of Bluegrass!!!. Thanks to my banjo buddy, Jeff Scroggins, for giving me courage & the skinny on the meet-n-greet at the merch tent - I got to meet you, Rhonda, and give you my idea about an all-The-Rage-all-instrumental-recording. (a'la Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys) Maybe you didn't forget. I sure haven't forgotten. You spentquite a few moments with me. You were so cool - gracious, courteous, welcoming, smart, funny, approachable and genuine, you told me about the new All The Rage DVD and said to be watching for it soon! 
Then, I met your lovely daughter, Sally and her silly husband, Hunter. Met Mickey, and Josh, and Brent, and Aaron. Got pictures with most all of you. I have been asking you over social media for at least 2 or 3 years, "When are you coming to Colorado?" Well, I have to say that now .... after finally having seen y'all up close, in person, and in full "professional musician mode" .... YOU WERE WORTH THE WAIT!  **If possible, I love RV&TR even more**.  
Having nearly given up hope of gaining entrance into the sold-out & packed compound of Planet Bluegrass, I am so glad that I persevered & made the effort to find a scalped ticket.  Getting into a sold-out RockyGrass to see the hurricane that is RV&TR was the treat of a lifetime! Y'all were (for me) "Best of Festival". 
Since RockyGrass I have become a  member of your fan club, got the tan RV&TR t-shirt, pre-ordered my All The Rage DVD and purchased as much music as I could find off Amazon of all the band members individual projects. (Partial to Josh, ya know? He's so stinking TALL and that voice!!!?? Heavenly.) Yep! I am bonafide, certified, dyed-in-the-hide, card-carrying super fan of RV&TR. Oh, and Sally is just spectacular as the newest member of The Rage. 
Man, as a semi-newbie to Bluegrass music here --- I could go on & on ... and I've got IDEAS for projects for you to be involved with that I FEEL WOULD BRING AWARD-WINNING RESULTS, sure to be audience/fan/crowd pleasers. I'm all about you folks! :-)

Sorry I took up so much time here but I am just on a euphoric RV&TR afterglow "high" right now and wanted to share it with y'all.

So, keep posting and going live on facebook but keep checking back to this messageboard as well. Your fans love you because we know you love us back! There is no such thing as "too much Rhonda". Lol.

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