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Kim from MO
And of course there's this song too:

Who'd have ever thought we'd end this way
As I watch you go the tears are rolling down my face.
Who'd have ever thought I'd be so blue
As I cry beneath that old Missouri moon.

Kim from MO
And one of my NEW favorites:

I'm lookin for a place to turn my heart around
where I can hear your name without breakin down
What I was lookin for wasn't in the mountain air
but I gotta start somewhere

It seems like every time Rhonda releases a new CD, there is at least one song that wraps itself around my heart.  I love this song!

Tom Alman
Right Kim! TRhat is a great song!!!

Kim from MO

I heard part of that song on "Join the Journey" and couldn't wait for the CD to hear all of it.  I just love that song.  I actually love all the songs on the new CD but if I had to pick just one, I'd have to say this one.  It just speaks to me, if that makes any sense!!


''Stop the World and let me Off.
I'm Tired of going round and round.
I've Played the Game of Love and Lost.
So Stop the World and Let Me Off''.

Stop the world & let me off, we do that in G, mandolin & guitar....... Well hello there , my its been a long long time, how am i doing, oh i guess I'am doing fine... Funny how time slips away, IN  C, Am - C , Em Am G7

''If the Ocean was whiskey
and I was a duck,
I'd dive to the bottom
and never come up''.
''At the dark end of the street. Thats where we always meet.
Hiding in shadows where we don't belong.
Living in darkness to hide our wrong.
The Ol' Dawg

I've been to Jawja on a fast train, honey,

I wudn't born no yesterday.

Got a good Christian raisin' and an eighth grade education,

Ain't no need in Y'all a treatin' me this way.







Remember this -    -I'am gonna get on this ole turnpike and I'am gonna ride, I'am gonna leave this town till you decide which one you want the best those opry stars or me

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